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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Just checked... again...

I just installed a hit counter on my site yesterday, and I was thoroughly enthralled to see that I had 5 whole visitors! Then I realised that one of them was me linking in from my profile page. Ok, so 4 visitors aint bad!! Now I am obsessively checking every few hours to see if I've had anymore visitors - and alas, I have not. But folks thos of you who do stop in - for however short a period- please say hello! Leave a comment or a criticism, I promise I won't sell your email address to nasty advertisers!! Or hack your box. I swear I couldn't hack my own computer!! Experienced bloggers - leave a tip or some advice. I am starting to get a complex that my life is so boring that people read my blog, and go go "whoah - yikes who is Captain Blah Blah over here??"