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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well well...

I am really happy, scared, excited, flabbergasted, shocked, to find out that I am pregnant. I am also seriously out of pocket right now, as I have just had to upgrade my medical insurance to be able to cover all the countless Dr appointments that I now will have to attend. I was a bit undecided as to whether or not we would go the 'kids' route. I decided to leave it up to 'the universe', and guess what? The universe wants me to be a mom! One third of me wants to dash off and start buying baby stuff, another third of me wants to say 'hey steady on, you're only 3 weeks pregnant and anything can happen up to 12 weeks', and the last third is saying...'oh god, no skiing trip next tropical holiday'...etc etc. The hubby was in shock for a short while yesterday, but he was SO FRIGGIN HAPPY about it after that, his cheshire cat like grin started to annoy me. The fact that he tried to force me to eat vegetables this morning for breakfast 'for the baby' didn't add to his charm either. Despite his claims (but 2 weeks ago) that he wasn't ready to be a dad yet, this morning was telling me that he 'was so ready to be a dad now'. I think he was just scared in case by some chance we weren't able to have kids. I was told by a spiritual reader two years ago that my first child would be a boy, and so far everyone I've told has started referring to the no doubt still single celled organisim implanted in my uterus as 'he'. (without the knowledge of my reading). So I'm pretty convinced that it's a 'he' too. Ronan Connor. Those of you who know my married last name, will realise the irony of my choice of second name. Those of you who don't know my last name, the only clue that I will give, is to say, " There can be only one. He is immortal ". If you have no idea what I'm talking about go and rent the movie "Highlander"!