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Friday, August 20, 2004

All Olympic'd Out

Well, this morning I am feeling all Olympic'd out. I watched amazing performances in the Gymnastics again last night, this time the women's all around individual competition. Again it came right down to the last performance of the evening, and this time it was American Carly Harrison who stamped her authority on the evenings proceedings, with consistently great performances on all of her apparatus. The reason why I say I am feeling all Olympic'd out is just because we are seeing so much greatness in people. We are seeing the best in people, and perhaps this is because the worst isn't being shown on camera. But anyway, it just leaves me feeling like - what the hell am I doing with my life?? Maybe I feel this way, because I used to be an sports person with Olympic potential, and rebelled against the pressure, and gave up on those dreams? Maybe it's because the 2004 Olympics were the ones towards which my entire training programme was geared? Anyway, just talking about it like this is depressing me! I sound like a real wingher and now I am starting to annoy myself as well. I think that I should just continue to watch and be inspired to be a better person by watching performances such as those of Paul Hamm (see yesterday's entry) and Carly Harrison. I should get off my lazy ass, and get some exercise for a start - now THAT would make me feel better.