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Monday, August 30, 2004

Feeling perky after the weekend

Ok, so I may be one of a really small percentage of people that now looks forward to going back to work on a Monday. No, my weekends are not SO lame as to force me to desire the work on Monday, but since I am no longer with my former evil, suck the life right out of me job anymore, work has become kinda cool. Yeah of course it's cool because I can blog every now and then without worrying and still get all my work done, and still get paid for it. It's also because I now have decent equipment at my fingertips where email can actually get sent in HTML instead of plain text, because the company is too profit conscious to install a better email system! Ok, maybe saying decent equipment is going just a little too far, considering what happended to my desktop PC (yup I'm still on the laptop - no numeric keypad..gaaah!), but still it's little things, like being able to write to someone in RED, and know that chances are - they also have decent email and it gets there in RED, that makes me enjoy the little nuances of email again.