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Friday, August 27, 2004

So AS I was saying...

I had a fabulous time last night at my first scrapbooking class, and found out that sadly, this activity is going to be extremely addictive, and like horseriding, require several thousand pieces of equipment which I am going to have to fork out for... Will I mind spending the money? HELL NO!! Whether or not I actually have the another question entirely. Tonight, we (the hubby and I) are off for drinks with friends, one of whom has just landed on a flight from Sydney, Australia - (he's not going to be jet-lagged tonight!), after which we are going to another friends house for chinese dinner - YUMMY!! Tommorrow of course the hubby will disappear onto the golf course for several hours, whilst I trawl the city for scrapbooking supplies and max out the hubby's credit card. WHAT!? I hear the collective yell from all the blokes reading this...well boys, it's only fair. Do you know what golf costs these days!? I won't spend half as much on my supplies as the hubby will on his golfing, and the drinks afterwards. Besides, it's good for wives to have their own activities outside of the home ;) Which means...fellow bloggers, that I will see you all again on Monday morning first thing. Adios muchachos and have a great weekend!!