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Friday, August 20, 2004

One day...

One day... Posted by Hello I will treat myself to a round trip to NYC flying Virgin Atlantic Upperclass, and enjoy comforts such as these. Why the hell would anyone want to fly economy class if they could fly like this? Gaaah! Please note that this is not a completely shameless punting of the superior benefits of service on Virgin Atlantic (although just in case Mr Branson does come across this blog - your airline is fabulous!), nor is it an attempt to promote the fact that I am a travel consultant. How many people out there actually get to see the cabins on an aircraft beyond cattle class? I don't mean those rare glimpses that you get of plush seats and actual cuttlery before the senior cabin attendent hoiks the curtain shut, after the businessman (who's travel budget is clearly too large) comes down the aisle to use YOUR economy class wc. I mean really! Who does he actually think he is?? ;)