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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Live Long and Prosper!

Live long and Prosper! Posted by Hello Ok, so like WOW. Did anyone else see the news this morning??? 2 New planets discovered!! Awesome!! I just checked out an amazing virtual 'fly-by' on on their science and tech page, you can link into video clips from NASA. These planets that were discovered, one the size of jupiter and approximately the same distance from it's star as our own Jupiter, and the other, also the same size as jupiter, but 96 % closer to it's 'sun', as Earth is from our 'sun'. The scientist's believe it's surface to be rocky - for some reason this is quite exciting, I guess they feel that where there are rocks there are fossils or frozen rock or something that will divulge planetary history! I am not sure why, and the web report didn't say, but the scientists also believe that this planet (the one closer to the sun) developed farther from the 'sun' and then moved closer by some celestial event. It's so beautiful. No words. No words. Poetry. They should have sent a poet. Are they here? They've always been here.