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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Beautiful Montana!

Ahhh... Posted by Hello Those were the days...the skinny days. Since my last few posts have been of an extremely material nature, I thought I'd bring myself back to earth with a pleasant memory. (I'm very Aquarian!). This is a pic of me (on the grey horse) with a riding buddy a few years ago in Montana. We'd both made this epic trip and met up in NYC for a driving journey which followed the route from the book 'The Horse Whisperer', (give or take a few small detours here and there), and we spent four weeks having the ultimate 'chick horsey trip'. The journey took us all the way along the northern states, where we did mostly ordinary touristy things. The first time we saddled up was in South Dakota (wow, awesome state), near Spearfish, an area where parts of 'Dances with Wolves' was filmed. We totally upset the rest of the people in our trip (who were first time riders), by galloping like crazy people across the open plain - even the tour guide couldn't keep up! Our next ride was in northern Montana. It was late October, and about 0 degrees (centigrade) out, but that didn't stop us!! We'd come all this way for this purpose alone, to ride out there close to the Heavens in big sky country. Incidently we also met some real cowboys with the best buns west of the Mississippi, but I digress...after this amazing early morning ride, where we stopped on this cliff top to survey all the land below, our journey continued north into beautiful Alberta, Canada. After a day or two checking out Calgary we headed up to Banff where we took another beautiful 3 hour trail into the mountains. These memories are my 'quiet place', that place where I go in my head when I need to escape. To remind me where I've been and help me focus on where'd I'd like to be.