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Thursday, October 14, 2004

McLeods Daughters on Hallmark

Ok, I have a new favourite TV show. This is "McLeod's Daughters", and it's on the Hallmark Channel weekdays at 18h15(central african time). For those of you who haven't seen it before it's a story of two half-sisters who jointly own an Australian cattle ranch. One was raised by the mother 'in the city' and the other was raised by their father on the ranch. Basically the series starts where the father dies, and none of the ranch hands want to work for a woman. So to cut a long story short they fire all the blokes who work the ranch and decide to run it themselves. Whilst doing this they are also trying to come to terms with each other, because they've not seen each other for 20 years and suddenly they jointly own this ranch that has become their whole lives. I really enjoy it for several reasons, a) strong women who can do anything their minds are set to b) the countryside is absolutely gorgeous c) really gorgeous wholesome Aussie blokes and d)part of me longs to be out there running a cattle ranch myself. Lastly, it's a really good story, real people with real life problems and how they overcome them, and all set in this beautiful location, all whilst running this large station. Try and watch it if it's on in your area - it'll be worth it! Posted by Hello