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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tigger Happy

Cat in the flash light. This poor little tyke and her brother were abandoned by our horrible neighbors (who moved away without taking their cats with them - a month before we moved in). I first discovered them coming into our house and eating our cats food. After shooing them away one afternoon, I decided to follow them and nearly died when they returned to the porch of this empty house next door. Needless to say I rushed right over with water and the most delicious fishy cat food I could lay my hands on. This kitty pictured, firmly entrenched herself in my heart by FIRST rubbing my hand in gratitude with her head, before finishing three bowls of food. It took about a week for her to trust us enough to sleep inside, it took her brother about a month. Although he is quite skittish still around feeding times (who knows what those bastards did to him), she is totally at home, and insists on being on either mine or the hubby's laps at all times. She will quite happily shove her ass into the faces of any of our guests and friends in the hopes of finding a new friend! I am sure that everyday she wakes up thinking, "Let's see just exactly how much love and comfort I can get out of these humans today!" Posted by Hello