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Friday, October 08, 2004

Ok, so I went out to get some lunch today, and guess what did I come back to the office with? Rice cakes and banana's you say? In the vain hope that I am on diet...? HAH! Fat chance!! Well aside from the Spinach and Feta Pie, block of shortcake and slab of chocolate...I came back with the latest issue of 'Scrapbooking Memories' for R49.95, and a set of 30 Gel Roller pens (essential for scrapbooking - or at least that is what I told myself), for R60.00, so my jaunt out of the office cost me around R120.00.

That's lunch for two with a bottle of wine.

At what point when I'm out there, does my brain stop functioning, and this malevolent spending spirit take possession of my body?? My ability to rationalise my need for the particular product in question far outweighs any persuasive ability of any politician who ever lived before - and worse yet - I am the sucker that falls for it every time.

Ok, in my own defence these pens only cost R2 each($0.31 US), and of course I am going to need at least 3 shades of pink (luminous, ballet and metallic) in order to complete a half decent scrapbook layout. Honestly, and I thought I was being silly about buying it, I've just realised how much I actually needed it.

As for the magazine, of course I need to keep up with what's happening in the scrapbooking industry in Australia! DUH!! Posted by Hello