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Friday, October 22, 2004

Um...yes it's Africa folks

This picture was taken about 10 minutes drive from where I live. So to all my US friends, don't ever take it lying down if a South African laughs in your face if you ask them 'so do you like see wildlife in the streets?' Because, guess what? YOU DO! This reminds me of when a good friend of mine from Virginia came to stay with me for a week after college. We took a drive around the wine region, and BAM, out of nowhere, there's a troop of baboons crossing the road, i.e. mom's with babies on their backs, the males stopping traffic - ok, so the males weren't really stopping the traffic, at least not on purpose. Anyway, 10 minutes later, we saw an Ostrich crossing the road - and my friend was like 'Oh my god, it's like a friggin safari!!'. After that, I never EVER laughed at another 'stupid tourist' question again. Posted by Hello