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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yee hah!

I have just received a small order for scrapbooking stuff that I placed on Tuesday! I placed the order online with, to try out the 'online' ordering biz here in SA, and I am really impressed. They emailed me to advise me of the confirmation, a tracking number for the post office, and hell, it arrived here in two days all the way from Johannesburg. That is saying something for their efficiency and for the efficiency of the SA postal service. Hurray!! Posted by Hello Of course you want to know what I ordered? Several sheets of metallic cardstock, two patterned pages and a set of 20 eyelets. All for the princely sum (NOT) of R33.00 including postage. They only charged R2 for postage. The whole caboodle arrived here with the eyelets in a handy container, and the papers perfectly sandwiched between two strong pieces of box thickness cardboard, and the whole toot was in a padded envelope as well. Yay for scrapbooking online - I will be back!!