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Monday, January 17, 2005

Back again

I am still temping here at my ticketing office, and have decided that it's actually a really nice place to work. Even though it's further from home, the work is at a nice steady pace (not insane as in my previous job) and the staff are all really nice gals. The fact that they are ok with me working from 8h30 until 14h00, and I'll still earn what I earned working out of the hubby's office, plus an extra basic salary means that I'll be earning 2 thirds more than before and working less's a no brainer. So it looks like for now I'll be here for the next six months, working reduced hours, and then going back to the hubby's offices in the afternoon for an hour of email checking, and blogging as usual :) I am amazed by my reaction to the lack of blogging that I've had to face last week - I actually have like withdrawal symptoms!! Anyway, I'll probably post more when I get back to the hubby's offices this afternoon. See ya later folks.