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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The response...

Herewith the response that took our fucktard 'up the road' neighbors a whole 7 days to write...dang they must be slow. You will see my sarcastic comments (in purple) next to their stuff... Dear Mr X (insert our last name) A cheque will be placed into your postbox before end of business on Monday, 10 January 2005. (Hah!! An admission of guilt!!) What a sad state of affairs when one has to resort to callous ways of resolving an issue, and one cannot approach your neighbours in person. It is sorry to see that there are such vindictive people in our neighborhood. (oh like this letter was shoved in our post box was any less cowardly or callous?Oh, and perhaps you misunderstand the use of the word vindictive, perhaps we should buy you a dictionary). Your dog is not the only one that sustained injuries, besides bitemarks, our 'proudly South African (proudly my ass) boerboel (your spelling is wrong fucktard) also sustained an injury to his hind leg and body, obviously from your incessant kicking - which several builders as well as one of my neighbhors witnessed. (good, I only wish my husband had smashed his head in, and I'm sorry to hear that his wounds are so light. Perhaps you can also explain why in the 3 days our dog received treatment at our local vet - your dog received none, perhaps you like wounds to heal naturally? Would this be the builders who only arrive for work at 8h30am, whilst we were there at 7am? Would this be the same builder who on a previous occasion had to throttle your dog with his belt in order to pull him off someone else's dog in our neighborhood? The neighbour who saw the incident, this would be the same one that has written us a letter stating how she supports us wholeheartedly having your menacing dogs taken away by the SPCA, because you are such fucktard owners). There was much you could have done to prevent the fight as well (yes like having complained about your lack of security around your property before we left on our walk), like getting your dog to sit or lie down (what? instead of allowing him to defend himself from a viscious unprovoked attack?) - this is a submissive sign and would almost always lead to a positive outcome, not screaming like a mad man and or kicking either dog also helps. (shove your submissive signs right up your ass darling, and had we not screamed at you, you may have well been so stupid as to not realise it was your dog attacking us. Oh, and by the way, had we not kicked, your husband would have had to beat your dog twice as much with that lead pipe in order to get him off our dog). Anyone with a keen interest in dog behaviour would have known this. (I'm sorry - you wouldn't know dog behaviour if it came up and bit you on the ass - which hopefully your dog will do to you one day, if we can't have him removed first). I hope your dog was bought with the right intentions and not just for it's fashionable and wow status. (Thank you for the compliment, we do believe our dog is beautiful too, how sweet of you to notice). In my opinion those breeds belong in the climate that they were bred for. It is a dis-service to to the dog to keep it in our hot climate. But that is just my personal oppinion. (Well sweety, shove that personal oppinion right up your ass with your submissive tips. If you knew ANYTHING at all about Alaskan Malamutes, you'd know that the ones bred in South Africa ARE bred for this climate and their coats are even lighter than those of Alsations and German Shepards whom you will see in every secfond house in South Africa. So basically go and F*ck yourself.) End of letter. Later yesterday afternoon we received not the cheque as promised but a handwritten scrawl shoved in our post box on how they were 'with-holding payment' until their 'insurance company had investigated'. Well, we were on the phone to our lawyer friend ( a close family friend who is one of the top lawyers in the country) who just laughed down the phone and said he would write us a complete legal letter demanding payment within 14 days or they would be summonsed to court, and not just small claims court. Once he has written his letter, we have the right to sue them in open court, and if they don't cough up the cash, and we get a written apology, we are going to do JUST that. Our lawyer says we have a clean cut case, and with all the photographic evidence, since I drove round to their house and openly took photos of their lack of adequate security, and also the distance that the dog ran to attack our dogs. Along with this we have 4 other neighbors two who live in their street, who are providing us with signed letters stating their complaint at how either their dogs have also been attacked, or how they have witnessed these people's neglect of adequate care of their dogs. So my friends, they're going DOWN!!!!