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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Since the review of my blog called for more Cape Town related posts, I decided to oblige and post some pics of my surrounds like I used to a month or two ago. The pic you are looking at is of Cape Point. When the first explorers to this area got this far down the African continent, they proclaimed this to be the southern most point of Africa. However, with the progress of navigational skills and cartography it was discoverd that Cape Agulhas some 200km further east was actually the southern most point. However, Cape Point remains the meeting point of the two great oceans Atlantic and Indian. Living on the peninsula as I do - between these two great oceans I can tell you that there are substantial differences between the two. The Atlantic being colder and rougher, and the indian ocean warmer and more shark infested! Anyway, enough of this discovery channel. See ya later folks. Posted by Hello