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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stuff arrived!

Hey there, my scrapbooking order arrived today, and was quickly assimilated into my other supplies ready for ne- ext weekend - also so as to not appear obvious in the house. It is SO FUGGING HOT today, I feel like I want to smash things in anger at this hot weather. It must be close to 37 centigrade and not one single breath of wind. FUG IT! I have my photography course tonight - about a 25 km drive to get there at 6 and it's on till 8. I am SO not in the mood for the long drive because I feel so tired - from the heat. DAMN HEAT!! Mind you I'd better go, because each time we take such great photos to build up our portfolios, so I shouldn't really miss it. I dont have a scanner, so I can't show you. Anyway, I'm off to go and mix bottles and prepare for my FIL to come around and look after the bubby. We have this set thing that he comes around so as to watch the bubby until the hubby comes home from work. Because my course is so far away I have to leave too early for the hubby to get here in time. Anyway, I'm boring MYSELF now with this post and the DOD GAM HEAT!!!! AAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!(Throws glass vase against wall)!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa