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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lotto Night

Tonight is Lotto night here in SA, I must remember to go and get a ticket. Y'know for R2.50, (that's about $0.39 US) it is totally worth spending, for a chance to win a couple of million. I mean, I'm not one of those sad arses that spends their whole salary on the lotto, in fact I only buy one line for each draw, so R5 a week aint obsessive. But I do love to imagine what I would do with the money, if I happened to win the UK lottery. There is a draw coming up for about 33 million pounds... That's too high a sum in Rands for my calculator to actually display. The goodness I could create with that kind of cash is amazing. One of my first RAK (random acts of kindness), would be to hire veterinary surgeons at decent salaries, (so they don't all run off overseas), to work at animal shelters and rescue centres so that they are able to spay/neuter all the strays that come in. I would hire workers to go into the locations to educate the extremely poor on animal care - and provide them with free clinics where they can take their animals for immunisations and boosters etc etc I would create a horse rescue centre on my newly purchased 100 hectare ranch, to scour the countryside for the malnourished and abused horses pulling carts, and give them a home, either to retire peacefully, or be rehabilitated into an animal that can be loved to bits at a riding school. For the unemployed in South Africa, I would create a company that specialises in placing people into 'work experience' roles with large corrporates in order to provide them with valuable experience to help in their search for work. I would start training centres to teach computer skills and basic secretarial skills to people who have nothing. I could go on forever. Actually I have just given myself an idea. Everday I am going to blog a new idea under the title 'what I'd do with 33 million pounds'. You never know, maybe fate is listening. Posted by Hello