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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

So last night, was Tuesday night - which of course means Smallville night!! Also, following Smallville is another of my favourite shows -CSI Miami! It is interesting to see a 'hero' character like Horatio Cane, who is not really an Adonis of any kind still being able to pull off a totally charismatic and thoroughly cool performance, week after week as the 'defender of peace and justice!' Ok, so maybe that description is a bit over the top- but I just really enjoy the show. So last night I also finally got some chocolate in! I shared a small bag of chocolate covered gum drops called 'Speckled Eggs', which were absolutely yummy. I am sure it is this sugar (in addition to the neighbors dog barking) which kept me up most of the night. Lesson learned. NO more chocolate. Ok, maybe not. No more chocolate right before bed. I've decided not to stress about the whole have kids/don't have kids scenario. I think that to decide either way - is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and perhaps it takes more courage to decide not to - but I will leave it up to the powers that be. Posted by Hello