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Monday, September 27, 2004

Loooong weekend

Friday was divine, slept late (or as late as our Alaskan Malamute would let us, before he started 'woo-wooing' to be taken for a run on the beach!). Went over to the sister in law and we had a bit of a 'crop session' for our scrabbooking while the hubby took his nephew out to a petting zoo. So he takes the poor 2 (nearly 3)yr old to a snake park. Luckily the kid has nerves of steel and even wanted to take the crocodile home with him. Managed to get 1 and a half pages done. When we got home that evening, I spent the entire evening delving into my new pc game (ok, not newly released, but new to me) called 'Empire Earth'. It is like three of my other favourites (Age of Empires/Age of Mythology and Star Craft) all rolled into one!! I was glued. (yes I am a she-geek). On Saturday, the hubby went off to the golf course, and I spent the morning glued to the laptop playing my game again, finally managed to whoop my computer opponents ass. It literally took me ages, I thought that I was going to be defeated while my little guys were running around grunting with clubs, but managed to gain ascendance during the 'Nano' age where I had cool guys running around grunting with lazer beams. The expansion pack lets you battle it out in space. I can't wait. So the hubby gets back from the golf course, and I'm like "hey honey - you're home much earlier than I expected". (me thinking it is about 11am - he's usually back at 1pm-ish), and he says, "babe, it's 4pm." My numb ass nearly fell off the chair. I had been playing that game non-stop since 7:30am. (ok, I stopped twice to make coffee). How freaky is that though?? My whole day just sucked into some kind of gaming void. So then the hubby decides he wants to play 'Alien vs predator 2' (or some dumb 1st person shooter like it) and I'm not wanting to let him have the computer!! ha ha!! Just imagine how I am going to bags the computer when we finally get ADSL at home... Sunday my mom came round for lunch, and the hubby made this fabulous lasagne, or as we like to refer to it as 'Le Zag'. He really is quite good at it - made fresh pasta as well. Guess what we're eating for the next few days! Anyway, so my mom came over with a new craft magazine for me which is great, we don't have many publications about scrapbooking here (YET), but this magazine had loads of scrapbooking inside, and also pointed me in the direction of some online scrapping shops which will come in handy when I need to deplete our monetary funds some more. For those of you who are interested check out for an online shop that specialises in South African embellishments and paper. Another good one is which I mentioned in a comment a while back.