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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Verdict

Another scrapbooking image. Posted by Hello (borrowed off the net - I am not the artist who created it). I went to another scrapbooking class last night, and it really is amazing fun. You get to be creative, chat your ears off with good mates, and create gorgeous layouts for all those pictures that have been shoved in a box for the last few years. I am totally hooked. For those of interested in finding out more, have a look at or, or if you want something more local, try All of these sites have some great layout ideas, and will also explain what is required to start scrapbooking. But note, I warn you, once you have started, you will be parted from your cash faster than you can say 'scrap' because there are just so many cool things that you 'must have', and it's not that you will be suckered into buying stuff - you will just love every minute of it so much that you start to 'need' the stuff as opposed to 'wanting' it!!