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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I have to say that Centre Stage is one of my very, VERY favourite movies. I can just watch that sucker time and time again. It has SUCH a great soundtrack, and I am a huge ballet fan as well. 2 years ago, I started taking ballet classes again to try and tone up and lose weight, and my god, it really worked from the very first class -but then I got so busy at work, that I couldn't leave in time to make the class, so I stopped going. It was such a great class, all of us in that particular class were 'overweight', but loved dancing, so it was this really safe friendly environment, where you didn't feel intimidated, and could really pull out those tendu's and jete's and grande battemand like you were the reincarnation of Pavlova, or at least her very overweight big sister.

Maybe now that I am working fewer hours I should head back in that direction... Posted by Hello