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Monday, November 01, 2004

Really pissed off, NO REALLY PISSED OFF

Mood: Really Pissed Off Playing: Theme from Pulp Fiction Ok. I'm pissed off. I have ordered two things online in the last two weeks and have received neither. The first one, is not such a let down, because it's coming all the way from Sticker Planet, Culver City, California, USA, and hence will probably take at least a month to arrive, no problem there... I live in Africa, I understand, these things take time. The second thing however, is really pissing me off. Scrapbooking Online, whose service to me the first time I ordered was nothing short of impeccable - emailed me today to say that they'd discovered some problems with their courier service - OPENING AND SCAVENGING the orders, so people were either not receiving ther orders or receiving them half empty with torn packaging etc. So, am I pissed at Scrapbooking Online? Not really - it's not their fault. But to the f*cking f*ckers out there who would steal stupid things like paper and stickers, may your faces be forever covered in large pustulous boils. You can't tell me that you steal because you need to eat - you can't eat paper you f*cking as*holes!!!!! GAAAAAH!!!!