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Monday, January 03, 2005

Alive and Blogging

Alive and Blogging. Posted by Hello Hidy ho blog neighbors! I'm ba-ack! Let me summarize the last 10 days or so, because so much has happened. The really important stuff you already know - i.e. am pregnant, and Snowy passed on. Going back to Christmas day, I recieved really nice scrapbook related presents, including a fiskars paper trimmer, and two vouchers for this ace scrapbook store, which I promptly went absolutely balistic on, and spent the whole lot and more on cardstock, paper, a coluzzle, a square punch and couple of stickers and pens etc. My scrap stuff is now really building up which is great. For New Years Eve we spent a really nice relaxed evening with friends and I was at home in bed by 11h30! So far the only 'effects' of pregnancy that I am feeling is quite heavy fatigue. But it comes and goes. The OTHER big news is... the SIL and her husband are coming back to South Africa!!! After less than a month in the UK, they have both decided that they prefer it here and in fact the SIL and grandchild will be here tommorrow night. Her hubby will follow in a month or two when all their affairs are wrapped up there. I really hope that they 'give it horns' this time around and that her hubby adjusts better this time. He's been getting some good career experience over there, so perhaps he will find it easier to get a job over here this time.