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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Holy Cripes its hot!

Well it's still 'Africa Hot', considering this is Africa, it's kind of stating the obvious! I guess since I'm in Africa, I'd have to call it 'Middle East hot', as I am told that one knows nothing of real heat until you've been to Riyaad, or Dubai, or anywhere else in the middle east. I just had an actual telephone conversation (yes we really spoke) with the goddess over at Wind Spirit. Yes folks its true! The pantheon can now be reached for the low low price of just R1.30 per minute. We were liasing liaseing liazing, checking with one another which classes we're going to book for our Scrapbooking conference thingy that we're going to, and I managed to get us a room rate of 50% off for the night. (Because I'm a legend (travel agent). So we going to be scrapping in our jammies. It's so cool that we are going to stay over there - as we both live at least 30km from the venue, and driving before and after a hard days scrapping is just not fun. I am kinda getting excited about it! We'll have to find some net access at the hotel to blog about the proceedings, or about how much wine we're drinking. Oh hell, I just remembered I can't drink wine for the next 8 months. Aw crap. Ok, so I'll blog about all the great mineral water I'll be drinking WOO-HOO!