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Friday, February 18, 2005

Tap Dancing on my mothers' bladder!

Posted by Hello Here is one of our latest scan pics! It was such a wonderful scan, quite funny really, because when we first got to see him, he was asleep, so the Dr used the ultrasound wand thingy to prod my abdomen in order to try and wake him up. This of course sent me into peals of laughter, and then the baby proceeded to reward us with some antics which we caught on video. One of which was this spectacular little tap dance on my bladder. Either that or he's sitting up playing the drums really hard. At one point on the video it's like he's waving "HI MOM" as you can see the hand so clearly that you can count the little fingers!!! Thankfully everything is 100% normal, and thusfar there is no evidence of any genetic abnormality at all. Not that we were expecting anything, y'know since the hubby and I aren't first cousins or anything...har har. You'll notice that I'm saying 'he' a lot, since the Dr told us it was a 95 % chance of a boy due to how his internal genital organs are developing, I didn't actually know that they don't look for 'external' evidence or lack there of! Anyway, tommorrow I will recount the story of how my MIL reacted when my hubby tried to show her the video...let's just say that it started with my hubby being super excited and enthusiastic, and ended up with him telling his mum to fug off and with him storming out of the office....but that's for tommorrow's post.