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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dumb ass

Oh I could really climb under my desk right now. I am so blonde. So stupid, such a moron. Really. I just did a quote to Lagos, Nigeria for a client, and then promptly sent her the Angolan visa requirements and application forms. A travel agent that books her client to one country, only to send her the application forms and visa requirements for an entirely (and geographically quite distant) different country. Man she must think that I am THE THICKEST human being that she has come across in at least a week. I also didnt' go the 'I'm sorry, my mind is fudge because I'm pregnant' route, because then she'd have some serious doubts as to the mental ability of my unborn (and of course genius) child. Then again, she is going to visit the most crime ridden city in the world, so who's stupid now huh??!