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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Confession time

Ok, so I stretched the truth a little and said it was cheaper than it really was. It turned out that he wasn't really phased, luckily I was armed with a few choice examples on how he spends more money than me anyway, but I didn't need them afterall. I am having big problems with 'hello' at the moment, hence the recent lack of pictures. It looks like I'm going to have to keep y'all entertained with my eloquence and creative spelling. Onto cool stuff, the hubby and I are going for our 'big' scan tommorrow. It's this new thing they're doing at 12 and half weeks now, which is in colour and you can see all the internal organs, and blood flow, heart etc and...the gender of the baby! I am really excited, I really hope we can tell, so that I can start to think about nursery decor. I'm not going to go balistic on any one particular colour, but need to know what colour to 'accessorize' in. Maybe I should stay neutral and go with purple, yellow and green. ugh, just the thought of those colours sounds pukey. I think I'll go with papyrus coloured walls with some 'misty blue' accents....