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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Celebrity scraprooms...oi. Does someone really need that much cardstock?

Of course they do, especially if you're an amazing scrapper like Becky Higgins here. Now how do you propose I convince the hubby that I need an entire room devoted to scrapping, when it's neither my job, nor even earns me money, but costs colossal sums of money instead!

As for an update on the dog status, the f*cktard neighbors insurance company contacted us, and they will be paying us out shortly. I made a rather shocking discovery yesterday, in that I saw the f*cktards from a distance getting into their car, and guess what, not only do these people have dogs, but also small children. Holy guacamole! If they can't be trusted with dogs, I don't even want to think about their poor kids. Besides that, but the fact that these people are infecting the gene pool with their stupidity may actually be more disturbing than anything else. (can anyone out there tell that I am still peeved at the whole situation? I still want an abject apology from them, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get one...oh well, I guess I'll leave it up to the universe to sort them out...hey, Zeus! where did I put the lightning bolt maker thingy?) Posted by Hello