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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I had an email out of the blue from my cousin in Holland. It was SO great to hear from her again. She came out to visit nearly a year ago, and since then we've not had contact for various reasons, my f*tard brother wouldn't give me her email address (because he's a schmuck) and she couldn't contact me because I changed jobs just after she visited, so my email had changed. Somehow via other family in Australia she managed to obtain my new address and hence her email.

It just makes me feel all 'travelly' again. All I want to do right now is get on a plane and go and visit my family in Holland! I have not been there since I was 5 and altough we've had sporadic contact over the years and see occasional photographs of each other through various family members it's not the same as sitting down over a glass of wine. (Even though wine is out of the question at the moment!). Anyway, I guess for the moment email and instant messenger will have to do. ***big sigh*** Posted by Hello