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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ho hum

I'm off to meet some corporate clients today. A part of a travel agents job that I absolutely hate. The reason being is that you usually go and meet some PA, who's suddenly discovered that she's not at the bottom of the food chain anymore, and generally assumes when you don't respond to an email within five minutes that it's obviously because you are far too busy painting your toenails or chatting about your weekend plans. I have just had enough of all that cr*p, its exactly why I left my last job. Anyway, I've been here doing leisure bookings for the last two weeks, got suckered into handling this corporate client and now they want to meet me. Gaaah!! Why can't I have a nice extremely high paying job that requires me to have ADSL at home, takes about 10 minutes of my day and for the rest requires me to surf the web whenever I feel like it?!! Does anybody out there have a fabulous job offer for me?