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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MIL trouble

Well, now that I eventually find time to blog I can finally regale my happy tale of what the MIL did when she heard about our latest scan from my dear hubby. He returned in high spirits to his office where he proceeded to tell his mom how the appointment went. He mentioned to her that the first 15 minutes were spent explaining what they look for, and if there were any genetic abnormalities (which there weren't thank god) and what the various abnormalities would mean. He said that he found this part quite scary to deal with...then before he can go on to say that thankfully everything was fine, and that he understood why they did that part first - only to reassure you with a successful scan where they measure everything etc. She starts to LECTURE him on how we (him and I) have made the wrong decision to not attend ante natal classes, and yadda yadda yadda, and how we never go to her for advice we're always going to our friends, we should be going to his sister (my SIL) for advice because and I quote "she's such a good parent". Ok let me remind you all that this is the same SIL who 'emigrated to England' and lasted all of 3 weeks before running back home. The same SIL who is married to a complete Loser, the same SIL who is currently unemployed and along with her husband who is also unemployed is sponging off the hubby's folks. So then my absolutely wonderful hubby, tells his mother everything that we've been feeling for the last while (and I am SO glad that he stood up for us!). He basically told her that it would insane for him to go to his sister for advice, because her life is currently a complete fug up. He doesn't agree with her parenting style which is totally permissive and the child is turning into a monster. He said he would never go to his mother for advice because she is the LEAST logical person he knows for not realising how his sister manipulates her, and manages to sponge off his parents by using the 'grandchild' as a crutch, etc etc etc. It ended up with him storming out of the office and telling his mother to fug off. The following day he received an abject apology, and a promise not to interfere again. What annoys me about the whole episode, is that generally I have a nice MIL and we get on very well, the same goes for the SIL, we get on, scrapbook together and are generally civil. However, it is clear that in this situation the MIL and SIL have been having a right good gossip behind our backs about how we are doing everything 'wrong'. I actually just want to laugh at them both. So WHAT if I am not going to breast feed. I believe that a scientifically formulated product is better than the ol boob especially if the mother (like me) doesn't eat a balanced diet. So WHAT if I am not doing ante natal classes. 90% of it is all 'hee hee hoo hoo' breathing and I am having a planned caesar long before any hee hee or hoo hoo is required. So WHAT if I plan to stay home for 6 months after I've had the kid because I don't expect my parents and brother to fork out for a full time au pair the way the SIL did. GAAAAAH. Now I am all annoyed again, and all this happened last week. I'll get over it I know.