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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Great Start

This morning as I drove over the mountain, as I do everyday on my way to work, it was particularly spectacular. So spectacular that I'd love to show you a picure, but fuggin 'hello' isn't working AGAIN. The reason it was so spectacular, is because just as I reached the top, and got the gorgeous view over the other side, the clouds were brushing the top of the mountain where I was, and then plunging down the side that I was driving down. What made it even more exciting, is that the recent mountain fire has left the mountainside extremely bare, with no vegetation, only rocks and sand. With the early morning light glowing red through this cloud created mist, it was exactly like being in a sandstorm on Mars...or at least what being in a sand storm on Mars should feel like. Oh hell it was exactly like Total Recall once they've activated the alien core and the planet is busy creating itself an atmostphere.