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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Very Merry Christmas everbody!

Hey everyone, I can hardly believe that Christmas is already here! We just had dinner with the ILs and it was nice to get together where no-one is allowed to argue about anything! Tommorrow the hubby, bubby and I are off to my mom's and she is making my favourite non-traditional meal of roast lamb with oven potatoes and mint sauce. Since it's Summer here, the salads include sweetmelon and water melon which is my all time favourite and is super refreshing. Dessert is usually chocolate ice cream can't wait. Since I had the bubby, I have lost 27kg, which is around 50 pounds, but judging by tonights dinner and what's in store for tommorows lunch, I may just gain it all back again. Anyway, here's to a fabulous Xmas to ya' all!