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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Poor little tyke with his little red eyes! (still a cool enough bubkins to smile through his flu)! Ack!! The bubby developed a bit of a cold on Tuesday night, and I had my first parental heart attack! I can just imagine if we had gone so far as to take him to the emergency room, the staff would have thought that I'm completely paranoid since it really was only a blocked nose, but hey, if you're 8 weeks old, and not sure how to breathe through your nose you'd also be upset right? Needless to say I took him straight to the paediatrician the next morning and once he was checked out we were off the pharmacy to get the prescribed nose drops. I'm happy to report that he's much better - thank god! Amazing how as a new mother, you completely panic (initially), and it suddenly sinks in, that you would sacrifice yourself UTTERLY just to make sure they're ok! Your paediatrician becomes your new best friend whom you would throw copious amounts of money at (that we don't actually have) just to make sure that your little genetic legacy stays happy and healthy! Since I'm blogging about the bubby mostly lately, I figure it's time to be a little blogelfish (selfish) and blog about me for a bit...on the CM front, I have a class booked for November for 10 people! I'm quite excited, and I really hope it goes well and that I have a lot of sales!