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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Am SOOOOO longing for this damn adsl to be installed talk about serious withdrawal symptoms! The only really exciting thing is that tommorrow, I am doing a Creative Memories class for a company as a team building event. It's my biggest class so far, with 11 people. I hope that I can keep it together. The idea of doing it as a teambuilding event, is kinda cool. In my minds eye, I can picture myself doing bigger and bigger classes until I'm in this huge arena with one of those (Madonna) head microphones, talking to like 500 people who are all making pages (and spending copious amounts of money on buying products) and spreading the message of photo preservation the CM way! Kind of like a scrap-evangelist....? Har. Har. Anyway, will see y'all soon, hopefully sooner than d-day of 19 December!!