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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beautiful View

This was taken during my hubby's golf trip back in October, the hubby is driving the front golf cart. It's just a few hours drive up the coast from us - and my hubby said it's unlike any other golf course he's played. Anyway, I thought the views were pretty awesome never mind the golf which bores me to death. The golf estate has a website, Pezula if you want to check out yet another reason to see our beautiful country! Aside from looking at my husbands golf pictures again (I promised him a scrapbook album dedicated to just that), I've been 'shopping' up a storm with my Amazon wish list, I know I'll never get around to buying everything on it, but it's just fun to beef it up anyway. Now if it will just appear on my friggin side bar. What annoys me is that the 'preview' button shows you one thing and when you actually save your changes and publish it - it's another and you've buggered up your whole blog! Posted by Picasa