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Monday, January 09, 2006

Dreams are what we are made of!

Remember when I used to blog about winning the huge UK lottery? Well, there is a major jackpot on the Euro lottery this week for about (converted to US $) 122 000 000, or 70 000 000 pounds sterling. I mention the pounds because I tend to think of that currency a lot, owing to the fact that my husband is Scottish. Who doesn't start to daydream about what you could do with that kind of money? You wouldn't even be able to spend the monthly interest quick enough! Anyway a combination of daydreams led me to a website that discretely sells Scottish Barony Titles, being sold by gentry who need to profit from the sale of their own title. Most likely those who have in some way or another lost their lands and fortune. These titles are available to anyone who has the cash and the desire to own one. There are of course scams on the net which charge you money and then provide you with perfectly legal papers allowing you to merely change your name to Lord or whatever. However this particular one was the real deal, doing as as the gentry have done for over a thousand years - brokering the sale of a real title. If you decide to purchase one, you are entered into the registry of Scottish Landed Gentry and receive a deed of your 'nobility' along with the right to call yourself Baron or Baroness - and as it's a real title your children inherit it as well. Isn't that a great way to leave your kids an investment? A real tangible tie to their 'homeland'. You don't really have to call yourself Baron, (ok who secretly wants to call themselves 'baroness' me me me), but at least it's an investment that will grow over time and one day your kids can either make use of it - or sell it if they need the finance. Personally I'd like to use it just to get attention! Imagine the following: Credit card company: you need to make a payment on your card Mrs X You: actually that's Baroness X and the peasants haven't paid their taxes yet. Traffic Officer: License and registration please?....pause.... Forgive me Ma'm (as in Marm) I didn't recognise you. You may continue on your journey. I humbly apologise for detaining you from official business. Maitre D: Our best table in the house M'am and by the way, dinner is on the house, you may order whatever you wish. Champagne? Valentino: Please were my dress to the oscars. You: Hmmm maybe. Prince William: Are you free for dinner Saturday? You: Only if you bring your gran along ok? The Queen: X! Been dying to meet you! You: Ok, enough about that, when are you giving Scotland their indepence back? Ok, I'm seriously exaggerating here, but I did say that dreams were fun eh? Anyway I must dash darlings, I'm off to check out some castles - you can pick them up for nothing these days you know - only about a million pounds, peanuts I say!