Brain Bubbles

Expressions of a caffiene regulated brain.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Apologies for having been away for awhile - I'm over at my mom's and not on her computer as much as I am on mine at home! She lives near some really nice shopping centres so I should be able to walk the shops with the Bubby while we're here. I'm also bringing the Bubby here again on Friday, so that he can spend the night with my mom while I drive up the coast for my scrapping weekend. The hubby will fetch him saturday after his golf (the hubby's not the bubby's) and take him home again. I'm SO excited about this weekend away, in a swish coastal resort, with walking distance to the beach and stunning swimming pool - I'm not entirely sure tha I'll get any scrapping done at all!! I will definitely miss the HELL out of the bubby, and the hubby of course. But I SOOOO need this break!