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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Let me tell you one thing that really annoys me...I post an entry, and it takes more than 48hrs to show up? I sure as hell didn't hit 'draft' instead of 'publish' why the frig does it take so long!? I can 'refresh' until I'm blue in the face - even delete all my temp. internet files and still no post...? Another thing...spyware, and the hell does it get onto your computer - I swear I haven't been at any dodgy sites - unless you're referring to all of your blogs ;) I run google's ad-aware every five minutes it finds malicious stuff, deletes it and like 5 minutes later its finding more stuff...any suggestions on how to get rid of this evil scurge? Lastly - can anyone update me on how Hannah is doing? I know she went into labour yesterday but her hubby hasn't updated her blog yet...? I'm dying to know if they're both ok!!