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Friday, March 31, 2006


Did you know that when motherhood hits, there are several changes that will occur, for example here are somethings I would NEVER have done before becoming a mom - and which I appear to have done in the last week. 1. Sang "OldMacDonald" at the top of my voice in the supermarket to stop the Bubby from crying (he was tired). 2. Had a discussion with grown women friends about the consistency of baby poop. 3. Had a serious discussion with grown women friends about the particular smell of baby poop. 4. Danced around my house singing tunes from West Side Story to keep the Bubby entertained. (Picture Valkyrie hopping on and off the couch with intermittend arm opening throws..."So happy to be in America, happy to be in America") 5. Attempted to sing "High on a hill stood a lonely goat herd, leyhi hoo da leyi hoo da ley Hee Hoo" (yodelling) to elicit big belly laughs from the bubby over and over again. 6. Baked chocolate chip cookies and actually got around to baking them, before I would always eat all the dough...(I was feeling all 'super mom-ish') 7. Bought clothes and shoes for myself and the hubby at PEP stores. Pep is like, this seriously budget store, which honestly has suddenly gotten a lot of good stuff in - and I rationalize to myself that since I'm in there for the Bubby's clothes anyway (why spend a lot when it only fits him for 5 minutes) that I may as well pick stuff up for myself aswell. Speaking of bargains...I bought a pair of boots which look like Timberland ones..., which at Timberland cost R2200.00 (around $370.00 - they don't even cost that much in the States, but we have HUGE import duties), but only cost me R99.00 (around $17!!) They have real suede leather uppers too! I just love them and they're great for bashing about with in my neck of the woods! 8. Umm, totally lose my train of thought right as I was about to say something...