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Monday, September 20, 2004

Extreme Temptation

Temptation... Posted by Hello I was inspired by Leslie's post on Saturday regarding chocolate peanut butter cups. See it here. It reminded me of all the amazing chocolate that I had whilst travelling through the US and Canada. Stuff, that woefully, we can't get here in sunny South Africa. Although our own chocolate industry is pretty good, you just can't beat some things. Like, Reeces peanut butter cups, or peanut butter M&M's, (not the peanut ones, peanut BUTTER m&ms), marshmallow fluff (basically the goo you get when roasting them...bottled). Since I haven't had chocolate for a couple of weeks now, Leslie's post, had me salivating like a starving Great Dane. I am compelled to go out and get myself at least a slab, for which I know tommorrow I will be sorry, but I think that I totally deserve it today. This got me to wondering...if I deprive myself of chocolate (as I have been doing in a very poor attempt at losing weight), do I overcompensate my sugar intake in some other area, like having extra sugar in coffee etc? Or having more coffee - to replace the caffiene found in chocolate? If I am doing that...then what is the point of depriving myself of the chocolate in the first place??!! Please can anyone out there tell me!!?? This also got me to the point where I was surfing the web for chocolate pictures to add to this blog - and I found some really nice sites out there where you can buy the obesity epidemic strikes back!