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Monday, September 20, 2004

Saturday Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee).

Saturday Ceilidh! Posted by Hello Well, Saturday night started out with some pro highland dancers doing an exhibition of sword dancing and other stuff. They were really good, one of the girls has been the South African Highland dancing champion for a few years running now. She really looked like she had springs in her legs. Of course with all that jumping around, she also had one of those perfect dancers' bodies. I hate her already, can you tell? Just kidding, she's actually a good friend, so I won't rag her too much :) Thereafter the rest of us folk got up to do some traditional country dancing, which is really fun! It basically consists of various patterns and sets and basically you get whirled around a lot, and the more whiskey you drink - the more fun you have! It's really one of the few occasions that I know of where young and old, male & female have fun together, dance together, drink themselves stupid together, and by the end of the evening you are saying things like 'och aye, wee lassie' and all generally trying to sound as Scottish as you can, and laughing your ass off at people who have forgotton where they hell they are supposed to be on the dance floor, and bollocksed up the whole set. It's a blast. Our clan piper, (who is married to the dancer by the way), put on an awesome display as well - he really has a good pair of lungs on him. There's something about hearing a piper, with the rain storming down outside, sipping a whiskey, and hearing the howling wind to remind yourself of days gone past, and the awaken the call of your blood. Hmmm, think I might rent Braveheart tonight...