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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Twilight Zone!

Ok, I had a VERY wierd dream last night. There I was having an out of body experience, drifting around my house, which bizarrely, looked exactly like my house - where as normally, when I'm dreaming, doesn't look like my house. Anyway, so the garden becomes un-naturally bright, as if the moon had suddenly turned itself up a notch or two. So I kind of float/drift to the door - not wanting to stray too far from my body tucked up in bed, when I look outside and up into the sky... About the same height as an aircraft at altitude, I see two alien craft cruising over. Then I hear a woman's voice saying to me, "They want to know if you would like to go with them." So now I'm thinking... am I dreaming? Is this real? Are they using a woman's voice because they think it may be more calming to me? I'm also thinking - I'd love to see the universe out there, but I could never leave my home, my husband, my animals, my I reply, "No, I don't want to go with them, but I'd like to meet them." At this point my heart is pounding and I still have no idea if they're friendly or not (so far so good), and then, the next second, it is as if I am lying flat on my back looking at one of them. He is smiling at me. He doesn't look anything like the creepy grey aliens with the big black eyes, he is shaped the same as them, but his face is friendly, and (I say 'his' but not sure if it was male/female or something else), and although I can hardly catch my breath from fear, and my mind is just waiting for that calm friendly face to turn into a leer and for them to start prodding me with something horrible, When a second alien who was standing behind me puts their 'hands' on either side of my face with the finger tips just touching my chin and their palms on my ears. The hands are warm and soft, just barely touching me, and I manage to calm my racing heartbeat and study the other ones face with interest. Although I don't hear anything else, it is staring at me, as though trying to communicate telepathically, and stares deep into my eyes. I don't remember registering a thought 'received' from him, other that I didn't need to be afraid. I also get the distinct feeling that he was reading my mind, as if to get a picture of my life on this planet, and what might make me want to stay here (as opposed to going with them I guess). A split second later I am back in bed, AWAKE, and my cheeks still feel warm where the second one touched them. For a few moments I really questioned whether it was a dream, or real. Honestly, I have no idea. But I'm not going to dwell on it, just cherish it as a possibility. Smile at the memory. I tend to have a vivid imagination, so it may well have just been a very vivid dream. ??? Posted by Hello