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Monday, September 06, 2004

Good Movie!

King Arthur Posted by Hello Wow. I really enjoyed this one! Great musical score, which really made the movie for me. The only things that really bothered me, were the cretins & philistines sitting next to me, who didn't SHUT UP throughout the entire movie. Folks, you pay enough for the ticket - why don't you watch the f*cking movie !! Gaah!! I don't give a sh*t that your popcorn isn't salty anymore, and that you have to dig right to the bottom to get more salt. I also didn't appreciate your comment that when the Saxon army fell through the ice that, "They should have stuck to the outside, it's thicker there." You live in Africa Moron - how the hell would you know that?? From your last trip to Switzerland??!! Anyway, now that that is out of the way, I really did enjoy the movie. The scenery was spectacular, and the plot itself, putting Wode vs Romans vs Saxons, was thoroughly refreshing, and a brilliant take on the 'Arthur' stories of legend. I highly recommened seeing it - of course my US friends it's probably already out on DVD over there, but it just had it's opening weekend at the box office over here - and I swear I am never going to see another movie on opening night again, because of all the annoying people that go!