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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Whales! No, not me...

Today, is one of the most gorgeous Spring days yet!! I just drove over Boyes Drive, and for those of you who don't know Cape Town, it runs along the eastern side of the peninsula in Cape Town, against the mountain, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Today, the sky was periwinkle blue, and the water below, a convergence of aqua, cerulean blue, teal & navy. It's also whale season! Most of the upper part of Boyes drive was lined with people drawn to watching the whales while they frolic below. It always amazes me, how these huge, ancient creatures draw near to procreate, or raise their young before taking the journey north again as our shores grow colder again. I did not take this picture, I just edited it and inserted the whale, and although it gives my US & Canadian friends an idea of what it looks like over here, it doesn't really capture the beautiful colours that I saw today. Plus, I saw whales!! They were breaching right out the water and then plunging their bodies sideways back into the waves creating huge splashes. I often wonder if in their whale communities, they say, 'hey it's time to go and look at all those humans that are on the shoreline.' I am sure that deep within ourselves and whales, there is a mutual understanding, a kindred spirit, a shared genetic dynasty that diverged billions of years ago, and yet retains some kind of common extra sensory bond that draws us to one another at certain times of the year. Posted by Hello