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Friday, November 12, 2004

In a bit of mood today

I must be having PMS, because nobody can do anything right today. Firstly, I couldn't get onto blogger to post this morning, which is annoying enough, then the hubby is acting like a pig-headed arrogant shit. Then I get left in the office whilst a) the hubby buggers off to play golf, and b) the sister-in-law buggers off to the beautician and c) the father-in-law buggers off to an esoteric retreat!!!!! I'm not even a salaried employee, I run my own business within this one on a commission basis, and NOW I HAVE TO BABY SIT ALL FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY PISSED ABOUT IT! The weather is gorgeous and since all my work is done, I should be able to leave. But NOOOO, I'm the kind of person that will sit here (fuming) and look after somebody elses' business! GAAAH!!! Now...where did I put the company's credit card details, because I am off SHOPPING ON LINE as payment to MYSELF. ME ME ME!!