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Friday, December 03, 2004


Well, my SIL is leaving this evening for Manchester with toddler in tow to meet up with her hubby and get settled back in England. It is sad to see her go, and needless to say the MIL is devastated at losing her grandchild to a foreign country and her grief is palpable. I hope that the SIL and her hubby do well over there, well enough to enable them to come back again. They've only been here for 3 years, and I am sure that had the hubby really put his mind to it, they could have made it work here. But since he's totally English(and I do mean TOTALLY), they tend to get a bit set in their ways and really stubborn, and I guess going back to England was the easy way out for him. Before I get the whole of England declaring war on my blog, I am married to a guy who grew up there, who's father is a Scot and mother is a pom, so I am totally qualified to make that statement. Anyway, I am getting annoyed even thinking about why they're going, so I'd better just leave this right here before I get myself even more worked up. At the end of the day, their decisions have zuck all to do with me, and yet because the MIL and FIL are here and they ARE affected by these decisions - ultimately it does affect us, but we're not allowed to say anything about it. You know what else? Now it's going to be up to me to start producing grandkids, and well, I'm not even sure that we're ready...