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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bored...and Confused

How sad is this, I am sitting at home this Saturday morning, and decide to come into the office to blog, and generally surf the web and finish up what I was doing yesterday as well. I am also really pissed off about something and I guess I needed an outlet to vent my feelings into. Yet again, somebody is organising my life for me, without even remembering to consult me. This I find somewhat annoying. The hubby and I, his sister, and my in-laws are supposed to be going to this stupid formal dinner this evening. I have been dreading it for a week or so, because I have nothing nice to wear, and no money to go and buy something nice anyway either. ( I spend it all on scrapbooking you see...duh). Anyway, so last night the in laws are round having a barbeque at our place, and they're on the committee of this stupid society for which this dinner is being held. I am innocently making merry in the kitchen, checking on vegetables, glass of wine in one hand. I hear, " Oh "Valkyrie" is going to help "sister-in -law" tommorrow to set up the venue" coming out of the mouth of the mother in law....After I'd cleaned up the wine that had just spurted 3 feet out of my nostrils, I was like, "Um what? Nobody's asked me to do anything? What are you talking about?" Everybody in the freaking room looked at me like I was mad and they say, "Oh yes we were going to tell you, that 'sister-in -law' needs help with setting up." So at what point does "going to tell you" become "just tell you and expect you to not have other plans and just drop everything to come and help us, even though we've not even bothered to ask you." ???? I am starting to get really sick of this 'just expect V to do everything' pattern that seems to be cropping up. It's not as though I am reacting selfishly here, if somebody had come to me a week ago, and said "we're going to be setting up the venue on Saturday at 12, and would you be able to come and help us, because there is a lot to do? " etc, I would have been MORE than willing to step up and help out. But NO. They TELL me less than 24 hrs in advance that IM GOING to be helping, and then look at me like I am acting strangely when I say "Actually sorry, I have other plans." The fact that I don't have other plans at all, has nothing to do with it. NOBODY organises my life for me, but ME. I am actually going to stand firm on this one. No more Mrs Pushover.