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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Victory! Posted by Hello So I totally managed to get my own way this weekend. I stuck to my guns and was completely unavailable to have my life organised for me. Turns out the Society Dinner wasn't too bad, if a little boring though. I didn't get any flak from members of 'the family' either. (HAH! Take THAT you life organisers...)Plus I got huge thanks from the President of the Society for having designed and produced the menu's that were placed on the tables for the dinner. Which got me to thinking about an extention of my scrapbooking business stationery...but I digress... I may have managed to turn a new member (to the Society) into a scrapbooking convert. It's quite scary, I feel a bit like a scrapbooking evangelical. e.g. "Come into the light, save your memories for the future to enjoy!" Ha ha! If I enjoy it this much, it HAS to be a sign that I should at least be doing something part time with it. Plus I also chatted to a good friend of my sister in law, and she is keen to start coming to our crops, so I guess that makes 2! It is nice to chat to her and get to know her better, since the sister in law leaves this Friday for England, for good, so it's nice to know that her friend and I will keep in touch. This friend and her husband were both at the dinner, and greatly contributed to my not having a totally boring evening, since they are also about our age. It was quite funny though, as the SIL's friends' husband is this Irish bloke, so everytime I spoke to him, I kept getting visuals of Colin Farrell (looks a bit like him too), and I was hard pressed to keep the smile off my face. (Ok so I have a bit of a thing for Colin Farrell). But before you all think I was coveting somebody's husband, I certainly was NOT! It was just the vague Colin Farrell resemblance and voice that threw me somewhat! I have a perfectly handsome husband of my own. So there.